Friday, August 24, 2012

FREE Facebook Covers

FREE Facebook Timeline Covers

I'm giving away free Facebook covers for the new Facebook Timeline.   

You can get the colors and font customized for for just $5

(I also make completely custom Facebook timeline covers for only $10


                                   "I Love Blogging"  Please share with your fellow blogging friends!

MANY more covers coming soon! :) 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Girl -Headers/Banners

Each of these you can have your photo and wording done for just $5
100% of the profit will be donated to orphans oversea with disabilities . - Thank you

Family -Banners

Saturday, July 14, 2012


Welcome everyone to my new little design shop online!  I'm new to the this whole thing so, I'm terribly sorry if you think my designs look awful.  Like I said, I'm new.  But my intentions are good!  I'm making custom blog banners, signatures, etc, to raise money for orphans with Down syndrome overseas.  God has given me a great big passion for helping rescue them & hep bring them home to their forever families.  
I'm selling customized banners to raise money for a gorgeous little girl, Lina.  She doesn't have Down syndrome though. However she does have many other disabilities and is an orphan. She needs a family badly. Please go CLICK HERE to learn more about her from my personal advocating blog.  

Please check out some of my sample blog banners, I'm making custom too so if your interested let me know. 


 Regular (Premade) Banner: $5

Custom Banner Design: $10

100 percent of the profit will be donated to Lina's adoption fund. Thank you! -Kaitlyn

                                                                   Green Lovely

You could have your own photo placed in that image, & the words changed to your own blog title for just $5. (It's listed as a "Regular Banner Design")

                                                                   "Picking Apples"

                      You can have your own photo placed in the slot & your own blog title put in for just $5. (It's considered a "Regular Banner Design")

"Home Run"
You can replace the title with your own & add a photo slot as well for $5.
(It's the Regular Banner Design)

"Puppy Love"

I will switch the photo to your own & replace the title to your own blog title.  For $5.

"Flower Power"

I'll custom the title & add photo slot at your choice.  

Thanks for checking out the Sample banners.  If you are interested in purchasing one please contact me @

Friday, July 13, 2012


A brand new banner & signature custom design blog.  Raising money for orphans overseas with DS.  Please follow me. :)